Support Pillows with a Difference

A good night's sleep can be extremely difficult when suffering from pain. Byre has developed luxury full body support pillows to help alleviate aches and pains, allowing you to be supported all night long. Byre Support Pillows are designed by our team of engineers and tested and approved by some of the UK's top Doctors, Physios and Sports Scientists. The pillows help to support your body and relieve pain from pregnancy, surgery, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain, surgery and multiple sports injuries.

Why are Byre Support Pillows Different?

Byre's pillow filling is a unique shredded memory foam crumb, which is hypoallergenic and high-density. No other support pillows in the UK have this filling. Polyester fibre filled pillows can flatten over time, however, Byre has combatted this by filling their pillows with thousands of small pieces of memory foam, which never flatten.

Byre Support Pillows are firmer than a standard pillow but extra supportive and still super flexible. After a few days of use the pillow moulds to your body and provides long term support, as it rebounds after every use. The pillow's inner zip also allows filling to be removed to get the perfect level of firmness or softness.

​NEW to the Byre Support Pillow Range

The Byre Wedge Pillow is a multi-purpose support pillow. Its unique folding design helps to support your head, neck back or legs. It can help with neck and back pain or elevate legs while sleeping. The wedge can support when sitting, lying and sleeping.

The Byre Half Moon Pillow is a multi-purpose support pillow for the relief of back, neck, leg and hip pain. It can be used as a lumbar support to support the curvature of your spine. It can also be used as a "between the knees" pillow or bolster pillow to reduce pain while sleeping.

Try one today - risk free - with our 14 day refund guarantee.

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